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Cindy and her staff helped my husband and I with our wills…. making sure our affairs were in order, and giving us peace of mind, after our Ohio lawyer failed to complete the process and left us wIth no wills during the Covid virus.


Cindy is a customer-oriented professional who makes the law understandable. It was a real pleasure to work with her and her staff.

Janice B.

After thoroughly discussing my goals and personal situation, Cindy and Tim of Manasota Elder Law prepared my estate documents exactly as requested and expected in a timely and very professional manner. Their service came to me highly recommended and I give them the highest recommendation as well.

Bill P.

My wife and I wanted legal help to prepare our wills. I did not want to make a big deal out of it and thought it would be a simple matter of writing a few things in a legal format and filing it away. Let’s face it, nobody is in a hurry to think about their own demise, but there comes a time to get serious, so I did some online research and decided to try Manasota Elder Law. Cindy immediately responded to an email inquiry and after a long, detailed conversation, I became convinced that simply writing a will would be grossly insufficient and create as many problems as it would solve. I thoroughly believe in the advice of experts and Cindy demonstrated a remarkable grasp of Florida’s laws and how the probate process can make things difficult for your heirs if an estate is not properly prepared. She brought up a variety of scenarios that I was unaware existed, and we decided she was the lawyer we needed. Cindy and her husband, Tim, created a comprehensive trust that takes care of every detail in our end-of-life journey and we are now assured that our heirs will not have to face difficult questions and will not be bogged down by the probate process. My wife and I heartily recommend her. The peace of mind of having a trust that addresses all of our assets and end of life wishes is invaluable.

Tom S.

Tim and Cynthia provided us very professional guidance for our legal documents. Easy to communicate and answered the many questions we had. Thank you for all of your help.

Carl B.

My wife and I talked about establishing a Revocable Living Trust for years. We knew some advantages of having a Trust compared to a Will included avoiding probate and making the process of transferring our assets to our children easier, faster, and more affordable. But unfortunately, we had no idea how to get started or where to turn for help. Then we found Attorney Cindy Clark of Manasota Elder Law. At first, we were a little taken back by the firm’s name (we don’t consider ourselves elderly). However, once we went to their website, we were impressed with the diversity of the services offered and the amount of information posted there. Cindy is a font of knowledge. Tim Clark, the firm’s Client Services Manager, returned our call within hours and set up a free hour-long consultation with Cindy. During the consultation, Cindy answered all of our questions, plus some we didn’t even know to ask. Establishing a trust involves a lot of paperwork, as the three-inch binder we received will attest to. However, Cindy made the process stress-free and clear-cut. In addition, she held our hand throughout making revisions to ensure our trust was set up precisely the way we wanted. Now that the process is over, we realize that we should have done it years ago. We are secure in knowing that our children will not have to suffer through the horrors of probate. Our takeaway is that you are never too young or too old to establish a trust. We are delighted with the result and highly recommend Attorney Cindy Clark and her staff at Manasota Elder Law.


Cindy was such a pleasure to work with! She is very knowledgeable and took her time to guide me through the creation of a will and other paperwork while making sure that I understood and felt comfortable with the decisions I was making. Her and her team were also extremely friendly and professional. She took a process that can be cumbersome and stressful and turned it into an easy and positive experience and I would highly recommend!!

Jaclyn W.

When my father passed away and left such a huge mess, I had no idea where to begin. I was utterly lost and confused with 2 estates in different states to deal with. I started calling lawyers and my cousin’s friend recommended Cynthia Clark. Cynthia made a huge confusing situation into something that I can understand and held my hand every step of the way for 8 months. Her empathy and understanding and knowledge got me through this. Thank you so much for being my attorney, It’s like saying goodbye to a friend.


Cindy is easy to talk to, she listens to me, answers all my questions, and is very smart. I would recommend her to anyone who needs an estate planning attorney.


Attorney Cynthia M. Clark and her staff provided excellent service in creating and preparing news will and associated documents for my wife and myself.

They carefully guided us through the process, clarified questions, and made us extremely comfortable with the process. We highly recommend them.


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