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You work hard and play hard. You love your family and care about what will happen to them when you’re not around.

You’re willing to take responsibility for what will happen to you, your family, your business, and your prized possessions when you die or become incapacitated.

You know that a legacy is about more than just leaving “stuff” to people…it’s about passing on your story and your values.

But things like wills, trusts, probate, and Medicaid are confusing. And anything to do with taxes or long-term care can be just plain scary.

For most people, thinking about death, taxes, disability, and incapacity is about as enjoyable as getting a colonoscopy.

Sometimes, working with lawyers isn’t much fun either. They might use legal words you don’t understand, or perhaps the meetings feel rushed and impersonal. Maybe they don’t listen to what you’re saying and just tell you what they think you need. Or maybe they bill you for every email and phone call, and then seem to disappear after all the paperwork is signed and the check is cashed.

At Manasota Elder Law, we focus on your needs and strive to build a lifetime relationship.

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Specialty Trusts in Florida

Cindy Clark specializes in a variety of specialty trusts in the state of Florida. Those include:

  • Gun Trusts
  • IRA Trusts
  • Pet Trusts
  • Special Needs Trusts

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You wonder whether your granddaughter will think of you fondly when you’re not around anymore.

You want to make sure someone will love and care for your dog, horse, or parrot when you can’t.

Your spouse doesn’t share your love for guns, and you fear your collection could be sold for almost nothing – or even destroyed – instead of being passed on to your children or others who share your passion.

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