Southwest Florida

About Us

Here at Manasota Estate Planning we’re all about helping you protect what really matters…your family.

But if you’re looking for stuffy lawyers in suits, you may want to look elsewhere. We weren’t “born” lawyers – going directly from high school to college to law school. We went to college after working in other fields for years, and then eventually we went to law school. We didn’t have anything handed to us – we know what it’s like to work hard to achieve your dreams. And we know how the real world really operates – not just how books says it does.

We’re real people with a real  passion for helping families protect their loved ones, their legacies and their assets.

We can help:

  • Blended Families
  • Business Owners
  • Special Needs
  • Pet Owners
  • Gun Owners
  • Single Parents
  • Married Couples
  • Veterans
  • Surviving Spouses
  • Terminally or Chronically Ill
  • Baby Boomers & Seniors

Our team:

Cindy Clark – Attorney
Tim Clark – Client Services Manager

You wonder whether your granddaughter will think of you fondly when you’re not around anymore.

You want to make sure someone will love and care for your dog, horse, or parrot when you can’t.

Your spouse doesn’t share your love for guns, and you fear your collection could be sold for almost nothing – or even destroyed – instead of being passed on to your children or others who share your passion.

Contact us today. We can help.