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Beware of COVID-19 Vaccine Scams

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COVID-19 scams are everywhere.
Beware of scammers promising early access to COVID-19 vaccines.

Fear has a way of making people do things they wouldn’t ordinarily do.

The COVID-19 panic has resulted in a spate of scams exploiting and targeting the fearful – especially older Americans. First it was white-jacketed people knocking on doors promising delivery of COVID test kits. Now we’ll likely see people promising the undereducated, the isolated, and the unwary early delivery of the COVID vaccine – for a small fee, of course. Or perhaps they’ll just ask for a bit of personal information, such as your date of birth, social security number, etc. You know – to “verify” your identity or eligibility for this special deal.

This article is from a TX news outlet, but the advice applies to everyone:

  • Research carefully,
  • Check with your doctor,
  • Ignore calls for immediate action, and
  • Double-check the link (hover over it to see the address) before opening it.

Additionally, report any suspected scams to family members, neighborhood social media pages, and your state Attorney General.

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