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Guns and Dementia: A Difficult Topic

guns and dementia
Families should make a plan for their guns in the event a loved one is stricken with dementia.

I came across this article recently and it really made me think. This is such a difficult topic for families dealing with dementia – it can be even more contentious than taking away someone’s car keys. Of course, possessing and driving a car is not a Constitutional right, whereas possessing a gun for self-defense is. And many people who own guns are far more attached to their guns than to their car.

The article does mention gun trusts as an option. But the article also points out, very honestly, exactly what I tell all my clients about every estate planning document they execute – they only work when everyone is playing nicely. If the allegedly incapacitated person doesn’t acknowledge the situation and fights everything, things can get very messy very quickly.

Please read the article and discuss with your family how you’ll deal with this issue when it comes up.

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