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Beware of Recorded Deed Scam

Recorded deed scamMy husband and I recently executed a deed to transfer a piece of real estate to our revocable living trust, and today we received the notice you see in the photo. We had a good laugh – this wasn’t our first rodeo, so we knew it was a scam – but then I realized many people wouldn’t recognize it as a scam.

The letter looks pretty official – it has the correct names, property address, parcel identification number, and description of the property. Even though it states that they’re not associated with any governmental agency, people tend to overlook that. I get phone calls quite frequently from clients wondering whether they should send this company (or others like it) $95 for a copy of their deed and a copy of the Property Assessment Profile Report. I assure them they should NOT send anyone any money for those things.

First, if you signed your deed in a Florida attorney’s office, he or she should have mailed you the original signed deed after it was recorded (I do). So, you likely already have the original recorded deed somewhere in your papers.

Second, if you can’t find a copy of your deed, you can go online to the appropriate county’s Official Records (sometimes called Public Records) website, type in your name, find your deed (note: very old deeds may not be viewable online), and download or print an unofficial copy which shows when it was recorded. It’s free in most Florida counties. Here’s a link to Sarasota’s Official Records search.

If your deed is too old to be viewed online, or you actually need a certified copy of your recorded deed for some reason, then jot down the Book and Page number (usually in xxxx/xx format) or Instrument Number you found in the Official Records and contact your county clerk’s recording office to find out how to get a photocopy or a certified copy – generally for under $5.00.

Third, all the other information they want you to pay for is free on your Florida county’s Property Appraiser’s website. Here’s a link to Sarasota’s.

So, don’t be fooled by these scammers. Whenever you get something you’re not expecting, READ IT CAREFULLY. If you’re still not sure, and you’re one of my clients, call me. I’ll let you know if it’s legit or not.

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