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ATF Changes NFA Rules Under Cover of Darkness

NFA rules changed for silencers
New NFA rules will affect silencers and other firearms.

Last night, while most of the media were sleeping, the ATF changed NFA rules that have been in force since 1934, and issued its final ruling on its proposal (41-P) to close the so-called “gun trust loophole.”

As originally proposed, the ATF would make transfers (purchases and sales) of National Firearms Act (NFA) weapons by trusts and corporations subject to the same archaic rules that burden individuals – namely CLEO certification, FBI fingerprints, and passport-type photos. Currently, the trustee or corporate officer preparing the paperwork and picking up the weapon is subject to a NICS background check – like any other gun buyer – and is held legally responsible under hefty federal penalties for ensuring that no prohibited person has access to the weapon.

I haven’t had time to digest the entire 240+ page ruling yet, but it appears the ATF backed away from requiring CLEO certification for trusts and corporations, and instead will require CLEO “notification” as well as fingerprints, photos, and NICS background check of all persons having control of the weapons. Generally, for trusts, that would be the trustees but may also include some beneficiaries.

This change will become effective in about 6 months.

As I currently understand it, if this ruling stands, neither individuals nor trusts will need CLEO certification (CLEO approval) before they can buy a suppressor or SBR. Instead, the CLEO must be “notified” that a transfer is taking place. And, it appears that all trustees will have to submit fingerprints and photos, and be physically present for the NICS background check.

This appears to be an unconstitutional overreach by the Obama administration, and pro-Second Amendment legal organizations are already preparing for battle. Be sure to support them to preserve your rights.

I’ll be reviewing the ruling in more depth and consulting with other gun trust lawyers to see how this may play out with existing and new gun trusts and will keep you posted.

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