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What can a gun trust do for me?

First, a well-drafted gun trust can make it easier to control what happens to your gun collection if you become incapacitated or legally prohibited from owning firearms, and when you die.

Second, a gun trust will allow you to maintain a certain amount of privacy. Gun trusts are not registered with the state or any other government agency, and they do not become a public record at your death (unlike a Will).

Third, a gun trust can allow you to legally share your NFA/Title II regulated firearms with your family and friends.

Finally, a gun trust may help prevent “accidental felonies.” Felonies happen when you, your friends, and your family members inadvertently violate state and federal laws when using, transporting, or transferring NFA/Title II firearms.

You wonder whether your granddaughter will think of you fondly when you’re not around anymore.

You want to make sure someone will love and care for your dog, horse, or parrot when you can’t.

Your spouse doesn’t share your love for guns, and you fear your collection could be sold for almost nothing – or even destroyed – instead of being passed on to your children or others who share your passion.

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