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What about using a corporation to buy an NFA (Title II) firearm?

The process for purchasing or transferring an NFA/Title II firearm is streamlined a bit when it’s done by an entity (a corporation or trust) rather than an individual.

Here are some things to consider when deciding between a corporation (generally a Limited Liability Company (LLC)) and a trust:

Corporation (LLC):

  • Initial costs to legally create the entity
  • Must have a business purpose (profit)
  • Registered with the state of Florida, so it’s public information
  • Annual reporting and associated costs
  • Certain legal formalities must be followed to ensure the entity isn’t considered a “sham” – an entity not truly legally separate from its creator
  • May provide some limited liability (only assets in the LLC are at risk) as long as the entity isn’t considered a “sham”


  • Initial costs to legally create the entity
  • Private entity – not registered anywhere
  • No annual reporting or ongoing legal formalities
  • Does not provide any liability protection

Generally, for individuals who are not buying or possessing firearms for a business enterprise, a trust is the better choice. It’s private and easily modified.

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